Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back from Puerto Rico!

Had an amazing time on vacation with my family. I have the best niece in the world, she's a blast to travel with. We stayed at the Conrad Hilton in San Juan. The hotel was nice, although the decor was a bit on the outlandish side. I didn't mind it so much, but it isn't what most would choose to decorate their living rooms. The beds were comfortable and the rooms had a great view, even if we weren't on the ocean side.

I got to do several things I didn't get to experience last time, which was nice. The best was climbing El Yunque. It was an experience, to be sure. The trip up was exhausting, especially after having surgery on my foot a month ago and having broke my toe just before we left. But I made it up and it was fantastic, even though the view left much to be desired since it rained the whole time. The rainforest was gorgeous though, despite the fact it lived up to its name.

We visited the Arecibo Observatory and the Camuy Caves which are always fun. The beaches were nice as well, although I don't recommend Luquillo Beach. It was a MESS!! I'm not sure if it is always that gross or if it was just the fact it was right after a three day holiday weekend. Either way, we left to find a more suitable beach spot at Dorado Beach, a favorite of ours.

All in all, it was a much needed getaway. The weather was beautiful. It was hard to come back to the hundred degree heat of Texas.

I'm so not ready to go back to school yet, I have so much more writing I wanted to do. I spent way too much time this summer sending queries and submissions, which I suppose is a necessary part of the job. My goal was to get the second book mostly finished so that I could begin editing and revising, but I didn't quite get that far. I at least got a little more than halfway finished. Hopefully I can find time throughout the year to work on it a bit. Such is the life of a teacher, I suppose.

I'm uploading a video project of the trip to Puerto Rico as I type this post. It's taking forever, and it looks like I can only get it up on Facebook. I'll have to shorten it, apparently, for YouTube. I'll get it on there if I can. In the mean time, I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer and whether we like it or not, it's officially Back To School.

Puerto Rico (2011) - Conrad Hilton

Puerto Rico 2011 - Birthday

Puerto Rico 2011 - El Yunque

Puerto Rico 2011 - Arecibo Obeservatory

Puerto Rico 2011 - Camuy Caves