Elements of Eaa

A Science Fiction/Fantasy for Young Adults
Elements of Eaa (ē) pronunciation


Book One - Tears of Destiny

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A terrible accident has claimed the lives of Billy Martin's family and left the grief stricken teen with the mysterious disappearance of his twin sister. With the help of his best friend, his math teacher, and the school bully, he must use the power of an ancient pendant to discover the truth of why his sister was taken and why she is now being turned against him. Join Billy as he begins to understand the true nature of his power and how it is connected to a greater secret that could lead to a new understanding of the universe and the destiny of mankind.
"The Beast may win a battle, the Mastermind may win a war, but only those able to adapt to change will stand the test of time."

Book Two - Trees of Shakara


Book Three - Ghosts of Shaldramoor



Billy Martin

A 16 year old boy who has lost his entire family to a horrible car accident. What's worse, his twin sister is missing. It's been two years since the accident and despite his best efforts, he can't convince anyone that his sister did not perish in the accident. What makes it worse for Billy is the fact that no one even remembers she ever existed in the first place. Believed to be suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, he is treated with pity and nothing he can do will convince them he isn't crazy. That is, everyone except his best friend Daniel who supports Billy and together, with the help of a mysterious pendant, begin a journey that will take them to answers to much more than just the disappearance of his sister.

Daniel Sherman

Billy's roommate and best friend. With his high intelligence, gadget obsession, and an ultra-preppy taste in clothing, Daniel has found just as little acceptance in the world as Billy. He's the only one who believes that Billy isn't crazy and that his sister truly is out there, somewhere.

Sarah Martin

Shane Masters

Marcia Conley