Children of Earth

A Middle Grade to Young Adult Science Fiction/Fantasy Book Series


Robyn's Song - Book One 

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An Autistic girl is trapped within her own mind. Others treat her as disabled, but she can think and do the same things that other kids can do. The only problem is: no one knows. At least that was true until the day she discovers a few others who can hear her thoughts and, like her, are not as simple as they appear.


Margaret Robyn Gonzales, an Autistic girl trapped within her own mind, is the first to realize that something strange is happening at Lakewood Middle School when she is able to speak to another human being for the first time. The first person to hear her is a confident, womanizing teen named Zachary Whitmore who wants to be a basketball player. He was born with a defect that robbed him of the use of his legs and relies on a wheelchair to get around the school. He discovers his own ability to move things with his mind. After a failed attempt at trying out for basketball, he uses his new found skills to impress the coach and gets a second chance at being on the team.
His best friend Quentin is a blind African American who struggles with math. He joins the crew when he gets a "glimpse" of the future one night in a dream. He sees that Charlie, a fellow student, is in terrible danger and needs their help. Already saddled with their disabilities, the teens must learn to cope with their newfound powers and decide how they will use them. They decide to keep their gifts a secret and promise to help others. Their first mission? To help Charlie.
Charlie is an "imaginative" child who wears a set of aviator goggles and a blue cape and has a lot of spunk even for a twelve-year-old. He is also in Robyn's Special Education class. Prompted by Quentin's vision, they discover he is being physically abused by his father. The group must figure out a way to sneak out of the school, go to the boy's house, and stop a potentially deadly encounter. Along the way they take on two new "special" friends. Rose Gardner has Down's Syndrome and while her brain doesn't understand everything about the world, her heart makes up the difference. She has the ability to make plants grow and to heal wounds and becomes an essential part of their group. They also take on the skills of Tryston Dupree, a teen with Aspergers who is smart as a whip, but lacks the ability to sensor his thoughts. He has the ability they need to pull off their plan; he can become invisible.
This unlikely team faces their ultimate challenge when they must save Charlie from his abusive father.

More books are on the way!

Zach's Dance - Book Two

Rose's Symphony - Book Three

Charlie's Fugue - Book Four

Trystan's Duet - Book Five

Quentin's Waltz - Book Six


Robyn Gonzales

Zachary Whitmore

Quentin Jones

Rose Gardner

Charlie Lederman

Trystan Whitley

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